History Of KIOTI TractorsHistory Of KIOTI Tractors

Since its introduction in the United States in 1986, the KIOTI tractor brand has been one of the leading brands; they have committed to the growth and advancement of tractor technology. KIOTI tractors are devoted to building a strong dealership network and providing high-quality parts, responsive services and training.

If you’re looking for tractors suitable for your agricultural jobs, you can depend on KIOTI tractors for efficiency and excellent performance. In this article, you will learn about the history of KIOTI tractors, some of their best models and countries they have a presence in.

About KIOTI Tractors

They’re manufactured in South Korea and the United States. In the U.S., they’re known as Daedong and are among the leading global manufacturers of engines, hydraulic systems, tractors, gears, construction equipment, transmissions and more. They’re also among significant suppliers because they create products for brands like McCormick, Bobcat, Mahindra, and other influential brands across the globe. Being in the industry for the past 70 years, they’re now one of the best-selling tractor brands in the United States, and you can bet that they will be around for more years.


KIOTI is registered and known as Daedong in the United States, as mentioned previously. Daedong USA Inc. is a subsidiary of Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd. They specialize in creating high-quality tractors, accessories, Zero-turn mowers, UTVs and other great tools in the country.

Daedong was launched in the North American market when Daedong USA, Inc. was established in Wilson, North Carolina. The new headquarters was opened in Wendell, North Carolina, in 2004. A service and fulfillment center was also established at that time. The process started immediately after the new NS Tractor model was developed.

The KIOTI NS Series was built to meet the demands of cost-conscious customers that are looking for a strong tractor and a broader platform. It comes with 5 engine versions having a horsepower range of 45-58. All the versions come equipped with high-capacity hydraulics, HST transmission or synchro shuttle, and power steering.

Daedong USA debuted into a competitive local market, but they didn’t stop at becoming one of the leading mechanized agricultural equipment manufacturers worldwide. They have faced regional market difficulties from the beginning, but they successfully faced their challenges. In 2001, Daedong USA partnered with DLL to offer flexible financial options to its customers and dealership base.

The partnership is aimed to provide flexible retail financing options for KIOTI tractors, equipment, and UTVs. This partnership was extended in 2016 when DLL created ABL (Asset-Based Whole Good Lending) to offer unique inventory financing options to customers. Daedong USA is able to distribute its products through a large dealership network that has more than 300 dealers. They also have a warehouse distribution system in the U.S., a fulfillment center in Wendell, North Caroline, a service and a streamlined part.

KIOTI Canada

Koti Canada was launched in 2018 as a subsidiary of Daedong USA, In. They built a distribution facility in Mississauga, Ontario. This has extended KIOTI’s distribution network, and by expanding its dealer network in Canada, they provide great customer support across the country. The American headquarters in Wendell, North Carolina, was responsible for distributing KIOTI equipment supplied in Canada.

By extending its distribution center capacity, Daedong could stock 500 tractors, 500 implements on-site, and 500 accessories. The tractors had 90% completion during delivery, and the rest of the task was handled in the distribution center, depending on the accessories required. KIOTI has a chain of 75 retailers throughout Canada, and there has been constant development since it was established.

KIOTI Europe

Another subsidiary of Daedong USA Inc. is Daedong KIOTI Europe BV. It was established in the Netherlands Rotterdam port, and the target is to distribute the goods to more than 30 European countries. KIOTI is now the leading small tractor brand in Europe; they offer exemplary service and support throughout the European Union. A new office was later established in 2019 to extend the dealership network in Germany.

As of 2016, the Pols Group of Holland took over KIOTI products in the U.K. These include small tractors, mid-positioned and out-front mowers, and utility vehicles. RECO was previously in charge of marketing the KIOTI product line since 2001. Pols Group of Holland took over from RECO in January 2016; The Pols group has created a solid reputation in Benelux, France, Holland, and Romania. They are the merchants for KIOTI products.

KIOTI United Kingdom is now based in RECO, and they are currently looking forward to establishing headquarters in St Neots, Cambridge.

Daedong China

Another powerful subsidiary of Daedong USA Inc. is Daedong China. It was established back in 2007 in the Anhui region. They specialize in manufacturing harvesters and rice transplanters. Daedong China currently has more than 40 dealers, growing to become one of the most recognizable brands in China.

This is just a brief about KIOTI Tractors dealerships and partnerships, and overall, we can say that KIOTI has been a leading brand with its roots for decades. They produce high-grade tractors and agricultural equipment at affordable rates.

Overview Of KIOTI Tractor Trademarks

KIOTI Tractor
KIOTI Tractor

The KIOTI Engines

KIOTI manufactures their tractor engines, and we can say that they’re among the top diesel engines and other agricultural equipment manufacturers in Korea. They have gained international recognition for their high-grade products. They supply their own components for better operation in the coming years.

They began manufacturing single-cylinder diesel engines in 1964, and in 1983 they could manufacture multiple-cylinder engines independently. They can market their products worldwide, including in Europe and North America. Their engine lineups have a capacity range of 19-75 horsepower, and there are 7 models in four series. All their engines are designed to meet European and North American emission standards. They have obtained the Europe Stage IIIB certification and the US EPA Tier 4 final certification. This allows them to compete with global manufacturers by designing zero-defect engines. They’re able to achieve this through precise processing using automated tools.

By 2006, Daedong improved its engine lines by adding 13 robots for assembly and preprocessing. They can manufacture 65 units every year. This helps them create a solid foothold in European and North American markets. They can reach these milestones because the Daedong Technical Center and Daedong Research and Development are working together to improve the reliability of the existing models.

KIOTI engine range starts with the 3C100, a 1.0-litre engine, and ends with the 4F243T, a 2.4-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that comes with EGR DPF that creates 73-BHP/55KW. They supply engines that are in compliance with EPA tier 4 final, EU stage 5, and the less regulated engines in the non-EU regions.

Mechanical Transmission/HST

The Manual transmission units come with 6 forward and another 2 reverse speeds to provide reliable performance. They also offer 2-range hydrostatic transmission units with twin pedals, providing effortless maneuverability and easy forward and reverse operations.

The Ease of Operation

The CS tractor series is the most popular model, and they come with an ergonomically designed workstation, illuminated instrument panels, a 12-v power outlet, and power steering. All these controls can be accessed by the operation effortlessly. Some models come with rear remotes and other great accessories you will enjoy.

The Moving Deck And Mid-PTO

KIOTI offers 2,200 rpm, allowing the operator to use different accessories and implements. These include mid-mount mowers and other accessories as well.

Come With A Good Ergonomic Design

The controls and workstation are very close to the driver, which provides easy access and maximum comfort to the operator. The great system (operator station) has a good ergonomic design that will be enjoyed by anyone operating the tractor.

Rear PTO and 3PT Hitch

KIOTI has a 3-point linkage which is of high capacity, and a rear PTO that supports different attachments. The implements can also be mounted on your tractor. The bent lower links assist in the straightforward implementation of the attachment and the installation.

KIOTI Prominent Models Available

KIOTI are popular for designing and manufacturing small tractors; they go by the policy “Less is more”. KIOTI tractors are small, but they can handle big projects as well. Let’s take a look at the prominent models they have.

  • CS2520U-EU

The CS2520U-EU model is a compact and agile tractor that takes care of farming jobs and both big and small land. It’s powerful and versatile enough to handle big tasks on the farm. It comes with a manual transmission, an engine with a power of 24.5-HP, and can attain a top speed of 19.32 Km/h. The CS2520U-EU tractor has a self-leveling front loader, foldable safety bar, power steering, three double control valves, and an illuminated dashboard.

  • CS2510H-EU

This is another small yet powerful tractor that can handle big tasks. The CS2510H-EU features 24.5 HP and can attain a top speed of 16.5 Km/h. However, the CS2510H-EU comes with an HST transmission. Most of the functions it comes with are similar to the CS2520U-EU, which we discussed previously. 

  • CS2220U-EU

This is another KIOTI tractor model that offers 21 HP and can get a maximum speed of 19.32 Km/h. It’s even smaller than the models mentioned above, but it’s still an excellent tractor that can do heavy-duty jobs. It can also perform most of the functions of the other tractors discussed above.

These are the prominent series manufactured by KIOTI tractors and are a great option for heavy-duty farm work.

Other Notable KIOTI Tractor Series

There are other series besides the CS series; KIOTI offers sub-standard and hardworking models that can handle various projects. The CK10 and DK10 offer durable, comfortable, and full-featured models. Also, the CK10 and DK10 come in 14 different models.

These models have the power to handle different agricultural tasks smoothly. The CK10SE is more prominent in North America, plus the 4 new models. The ROPS series also provides a comfortable experience to operators during heavy tasks; they’re effective and efficient.

The newest model, the DK10SE, comes with eight models with ROP and cab options. They’re very popular for their functionality, comfort, and power. Then you have the NX series, which offers premium quality benefits. The NX series is capable of delivering maximum performance. They come with easy maintenance points and access for control.

Overall, all the models are durable and have won the hearts of their customers because of their longevity, especially when compared with other brands. However, you shouldn’t pick any model randomly. You should consult a knowledgeable and authorized dealer to help you make the best decision before purchasing. Your selection should be based on your needs and what you want to achieve.

Are KIOTI Tractors Reliable?

Yes, they’re reliable. KIOTI is known for manufacturing robust, durable, high-quality tractors that can handle various farming tasks. Not only that, they also provide the best customer service. You should visit their website to see full details regarding all the models they have. If you’re looking for a small and effective tractor, you should consider one of the KIOTI series available that can take care of your needs.

Is KIOTI Better Than Other Tractor Manufacturers?

There isn’t a direct answer to this question. All we can say is that it depends on your demands. But one thing that is well-known is that many farmers believe KIOTI tractors are the best for anyone looking for the best bang for the money. In other words, if you can’t afford to spend much on tractors, you should consider choosing the KIOTI tractors series. 

KIOTI tractors can stand with other popular brands, including New Holland, John Deere, Kubota and others. When we compare the KIOTI CK2510HST and John Deere 1025R as an example, we conclude that they’re all excellent models regarding reliability and performance. They both will help you achieve high-quality results. 

But we can still conclude that a KIOTI is heavier than a John Deere. Meaning that it can pull more gravel when you need to execute your tasks. KIOTI also offers more horsepower and comes with a bigger PTO, making it more sustainable and durable for heavy-duty projects. Another advantage of KIOTI is that it can serve you for more hours and is well-constructed.

In conclusion, we can say that KIOTI is an excellent brand well-known for designing durable and high-quality tractors. If you want to ask the question, are KIOTI tractors reliable? Then yes, they’re reliable tractors you can depend on for your farming jobs.

KIOTI Tractor FAQs

Are KIOTI Engines Good?

Yes, their tractors are equipped with high-performance engines, and they’re also fuel efficient.

Are KIOTI And LS Tractors The Same?

No, they are not the same. Daedong Industrial Co. manufactures KIOTI tractors. While LS tractors in Korea manufacture tractors with the LS brand.

Is Kubota A Japanese Company?

Yes, it’s a Japanese multinational corporation that is based in Osaka. Another question you might ask is are KIOTI tractors made by kubota? The answer is no.

Are KIOTI Tractors Made In China?

Yes, most of the KIOTI tractors and engines that are sold in North America are produced in China and Korea. Most people are asking who makes KIOTI tractor engines, and the answer is that they are made in multiple countries as you can see. If you want to know where KIOTI tractors are made, then China is one of the countries where they’re made.

Are Parts Available For KIOTI Tractors?

Yes, the company provides after-sale parts and delivery within its network of certified KIOTI dealerships and networks.

How Much Is A 25-Horsepower KIOTI Tractor?

The 2021 KIOTI CX2510HX-TLB 25HP tractor roughly costs $24 950, plus tax and other fees that apply.

What Is The Difference Between CK And DK KIOTI Tractors?

The DK series has more lift capacity than CK, which means they can lift higher than the CK tractor series. If you’re getting into a serious job, you should go with the DK since it has better functions and capabilities.

How Long Has KIOTI Been Around?

The South Korean manufacturer was established in 1947, Which means they have been around for 75 years.

Are KIOTI Tractors Turbocharged?

Yes, some of the models come with turbocharged diesel engines. The DK5010 HST Tractor is an example.

Is Bobcat A Chinese Company?

A lot of people ask the question; is bobcat tractors made by KIOTI? The answer is No. It’s an American-based manufacturer that specializes in producing farm and construction equipment.

What Engine Is In KIOTI Tractors?

They’re equipped with Daedong diesel engines.

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