How To Hide Wires On DeskHow To Hide Wires On Desk

A clean and organized workspace is essential for anyone who works in an office. But with so many wires and cables running all over the place, it can be difficult to keep things neat. It is important to keep your desk as tidy and uncluttered as possible. This can be difficult when you have lots of cables and wires running around the desk.

You may have tried wrapping the wires around your monitor, or worse, you may have had to move your computer because the cords were getting too tangled. Either way, this will make it difficult to focus on the task at hand. The best thing to do is find ways to hide those pesky cables, so they can’t be seen.

What’s The Best Way To Hide Cables On And Under The Desk?

There are a variety of options for hiding wires on or under your desk. The best management solution will depend on the size of your desk and the number of wires you want to hide. There are simple cable management solutions designed to efficiently manage cables and wires so you can have an organized workspace. WikiHow has a great article with photos how the cables would look like if you tuck them away with these options.

You can pick from a variety of solutions that will not only help organize your desk but will also keep your electronics safe and secure. We will discuss some of these systems and how they can help you with your office cable management.

Under Desk Cable Management Tray

With the help of this Under Desk Cable Management Tray, you’ll be able to put those loose cables and cords in order. This premium under-desk storage rack is made from durable aluminum material and has multiple channels for easy cable management.

The under-desk cable management tray is a great way to keep cables organized and out of sight. It can help you modify your desk layout and organize power cords, USB cords, audio & video cables, computer cables, and more.

Cable Clips

Cable clips are the perfect solution for messy cables; The tiny clips can be placed on top of a surface and cable to keep them organized and untangled. They’re straightforward to use, as there is no residue left behind when they are removed.

They can easily fit into tight spaces and can be used in various places such as homes, offices, or nightstands. Cable clips are a simple way to neaten messy cables and keep your workspace organized. These inexpensive clips come in different sizes that fit most cables and can be used for one or multiple cables simultaneously.

Cable Raceway

Cable raceways are a great way to clean up the mess that cables can create. Cable raceways can be used in any home, office space, or other location with cables and wires. There is no need to worry about cables being unsightly because they can be tucked away discreetly.

The adhesive tape on the back will attach to any surface with a non-porous and flat surface like glass, metal, plastics, and more. This pack comes with 6 raceways which measure 15.7 inches long and are easy to cut if you want to make them fit your design.

Under Desk Privacy Screen

Another good way to keep wires and cables out of sight is with an under-desk privacy screen. The privacy screen provides a sleek solution for managing cables on desks and tables and providing a level of privacy on the desk surface.

The Desk-Skirt-60 will help you hide your cords and cables from view while keeping them out of the way. The panel features two upper slots for tucking wires and mesh pockets to keep cables out of sight. This product provides a clean and organized look while saving time from having to reach around your desk to find the cords you need.

Adhesive Cable Clips

These adhesive clips are designed for small cables and cords, so it’s great for when you just need a little organization. Put them on your desk or in the back of your computer, and you can say goodbye to tangled cables that make your desk look cluttered.

These clips measure 1.8 inches each, so you’ll be able to easily keep the wires out of the way. The package comes with 50 clips, so you’ll have plenty on hand for all your needs.

Cable Management Box Organizer

Cable management boxes are a great way to keep your cables all neatly wrapped up and out of sight. It is a perfect solution for the home office or living room where you need a place to hide wires and cables. This cable management box is perfect for people who are looking for a way to keep their cords out of the way.

It comes with 4 separate slots to slide your cables, so you can keep all of your cords neat and organized. The sleek design will also blend in nicely with your desk decor, and it is easy to open, close, and carry around while carrying other items in your hands.

The Best Way To Hide Cords On A Desk In The Middle Of The Room

If you have a desk in the middle of the room with messy cables, you use some simple tricks to keep your workspace organized. Let’s share some simple tricks you can apply;

Velcro bigger accessories at the bottom of your desk

Velcro on the underside of the desk and on larger accessories such as power bricks solves this problem of messy codes in your workspace.

Use Zip Ties

Say goodbye to tangled, messy cables that are a pain to deal with. Zip ties are a great way to keep your cables organized and safely secured.

Hide the cables under a rug

You can hide cables under a rug; this is an affordable way to create a clean and tidy space without sacrificing style.

The Best Way To Hide Cords On A Glass Desk

Hide the cables along the edges of your desk

Glass desks are transparent, and the best way to hide your cables is to arrange them along the edges of the desk since this side is less visible.

Decorate the desk

Decorating the desk will help hide pesky cables; the cables will still be visible but will not be noticed much.

How To Clean Wires Under Your Desk

Here is a great video about that

Wires can accumulate dust and other debris over time. This is especially true if the desk is in an enclosed space and not often cleaned. Dusting is one of the best ways to keep your wires clean and neat looking. Dusting will not only make your workspace look better, but it will also help you maintain a healthier lifestyle, too. Here are some dusters you can use;

Microfiber Duster

Microfibers are designed to quickly and efficiently pick up dust, dirt, and pet hair while leaving surfaces free of streaks or residue.

Microfiber Dusting Sticks

Microfiber dusting sticks work like a magnet, pulling dust from cracks and crevices on the surface of your desk. The sticks can also be used to clean most furniture, electronics, and other surfaces that must be dusted.

Compressed Air Duster

Compressed air dusters are also a quick and easy way to clean and protect your wires.


Can You Use Tape To Hide Wires?

Yes, you can use tape to hide wires. But it’s important to choose the right tape for the job; If you want to bundle cables together, then you should choose a tape that will not leave any sticky residue on your cables.

How Do You Organize The Wires On Top Of A Desk?

Use Velcro tape or zip ties to bundle together similar cables; This way, they won’t get tangled as easily, and they’ll be easier to find when needed.

How Do You Hide Power Cords At The Desk In The Middle Of The Room?

The best way to hide power cords is to tape them to the wall and then use a power strip with a cover. This will keep the cord from being seen and make them more manageable.

How Do You Organize Too Many Wires?

There are many ways to organize wires. You can bundle them together, use zip ties, or use a wire organizer. You can also use the methods shared earlier in this post.

How Can I Make The Back Of My Desk Look Better?

The best way is to use wallpaper adhesive to attach a matching veneer. This is a quick way to make the entire desk more cohesive and professional-looking. You can also make the desk face the wall.

How Do You Hide Wires Creatively?

A good way to hide them is to use a power strip and run the wires along the wall or behind the furniture. You can also use a wire cover that can be painted to match the wall color.

How Do You Make Exposed Wires Look Good?

There are many ways you can do that; you create a simple fabric panel, bundle them with zip ties, use cord wrap, and so on.

What Can I Use To Cover Exposed Wires?

The easiest way would be to conceal the wires inside a wall cable.

Should I Put My Desk Against The Wall?

If you don’t use the desk much, you place it against the wall. However, placing it at the center of the room will be better if it’s used regularly.

How Do You Hide Electrical Cords On Furniture?

You should hook them at the back of your furniture. You can also run them along your walls, hide them under the rug, or use some power strips.

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