The Best Bread Makers For Healthy BreadThe Best Bread Makers For Healthy Bread

Undoubtedly home-baked bread gives a next-level thrill with its mouth-watering smell tickling our nose. However, only a few have the time, patience, and skills to prepare a perfect loaf of bread to enjoy it with a jam, jelly, or butter afterward. Making bread is not challenging but demands babysitting while it evolves through different stages until it reaches the finish line.

Here come the bread-making machines to the rescue. You can enjoy fresh and healthy home-baked bread by giving your responsibility to these machines. Simply add the ingredients, hit the start button, put on your favorite moving, or pick up that book resting on a shelf for months, the machine will take care of the rest.

Here are the features and details of all the handiest and controllable bread-making machines starting from Hamilton Beach Machine for Bread Making, for you to choose for your kitchen

1. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker – Best Premium Quality

Rating: 4.5/5

  • 2 Kneading Paddles
  • 12 settings
  • 2 LB Programmable
  • Dishwasher Safe Pan
  • Gluten-Free
  • 120 volt
  • Plastic
  • Black
  • Recipe Guide

This sleek and handy bread-making machine is a perfect fit for those who want to enjoy fresh home-baked bread without tiring themselves. It promises to prepare a fresh bread loaf in just three steps. Simply put your chosen ingredients, select the cycle, hit the start button, and your good to go. Its removable non-stick dishwasher safe pan and two kneading paddles interior pan save you from worrying about cleaning for hours.

Its prominent feature is that It allows you to choose between 1.5 to 2 lb loaf. Additionally, it has easy settings that include basic, 2-lb express, French, sweet, 1.5-lb express, dough, gluten-free, jam, cake, quick bread (no yeast), whole grain bake.

The machine is a savior for new to pro bakers. The recipe guide with 25 plus bread-making recipes will help you bake French and basic wheat bread to onion poppy seed loaves, cinnamon-raisin buns, and Italian Parmesan. You will not miss ordering pizza and dinner rolls anymore.

The large digital display is designed to provide freshly baked bread in the morning or at parties. If you plan to bake the bread for a later event partially, its timer will let you add ingredients and begin processing at your scheduled time. The bread maker is both lights on the pocket and stomach. With a little bit of investment, you can save yourself from buying expensive loaves of bread with preservatives and trends that disturb your health and budget.

2. CROWNFUL 12-in-1 Automatic Bread Machine Best For All

CROWNFUL 12-in-1 Automatic Bread Machine, 2 LB Programmable Bread Maker with Nonstick Pan and Gluten-Free Setting, 1 Hour Keep Warm Set, 2 Loaf Sizes, 3 Crust Colors, Recipe Booklet Included, ETL Listed

Rating: 4.4/5

  • 2 LB Programmable
  • Non-stick pan
  • Gluten-Free Setting
  • 1 Hour Keep Warm Set
  • 2 Loaf Sizes
  • 3 Crust Colors
  • Recipe Booklet
  • ELT listed

The Crownful 12-in-1 automatic bread machine is designed to offer a wide variety of baking options. Its 12 pre-programmed menu provides various settings to choose from, including Basic, Gluten-Free, Quick Bread, Sandwich, ButterMilk Bread, Kneading, French Whole Wheat, Dough, Sweet Bread, Cake, and pizza dough. The two-loaf capacity of 1.5 and 2.0 LB with a 3-color crust setting: light, medium, dark completes its professional touch. The reminder is always there to remind you to add extra ingredients in later steps. Crownful comes with an LCD intuitive digital panel to keep pace with technology to make it easy for newbies to operate and keep an eye through a large transparent window on its head.

A common issue with most bread machines is producing an unevenly baked loaf of bread. Thanks to its five-layer stretched bread pan that you can get rid of uneven bread loaves. The 13H delay timer and 1H keep warm is an undeniable charm in this machine. With it, you can enjoy the delicious smell of freshly baked bread right after rising from a deep sleep by putting in the ingredients and setting it to start baking before you wake up. You can set it up to 13 hours in advance with 60 minutes to keep warm function. Also, to ensure fresh bread anytime, it offers a built-in 10-minute power interruption option.

To give you complete freedom to blend and create new fusions, you are rewarded with a 1-year warranty for every part, including accessories. The non-stick pan lets you focus on learning rather than worrying about cleaning.

This budget-friendly machine allows you to enjoy healthy, freshly, easy, and tasty baked bread at home while saving additionally by using 100% ingredients. 1x bread hook, 1 x measuring cup, 1 x measuring spoon, and 1 x recipe book are included in the package to save you from spending more than your pocket allows.

3. Cuisinart Bread Maker – Best Budget

Cuisinart Bread Maker, Up To 2lb Loaf, New Compact Automatic

Rating: 4.5/5

  • 2lb Loaf
  • 12 Preprogrammed Menu
  • 110 volts
  • 13 Hours Delay Timer
  • Automatic
  • 8 pounds in weight
  • 25 x 13.25 x 11.25 inches dimension

Cuisinart bread maker is a machine for all because it is not complicated and does not require a lot of programming. Its 12 preprogrammed menu is entirely automatic and user-friendly. Exclusive technology with durability is a fascinating feature of Cuisinart bread maker. The machine is entirely suitable for both home and professional use due to its three crust shades, light, medium, and dark.

Most machines eat up all the kitchen space, but that’s not the case with this bread maker. Its vertical baking pan allows preparing a 2-pound loaf while utilizing minimal space on your kitchen counter. To keep you updated and equally involved in the process, machines let you peek inside through its lid with a viewing window. An interior light is provided to help you estimate the color of the bread while it bakes.

With a removable kneading paddle and bread pan, you can easily maintain the Cuisinart bread maker and keep it as good as new forever. Thanks to its 13-Hour delay start option, you can now rise in the house emitting the sweet sensation of freshly baked bread at a reasonable price.

4. Elite Gourmet Programmable Maxi-Matic EBM8103B Bread Maker Machine– Best Quality Machine

Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic EBM8103B Programmable Bread Maker Machine, 3 Loaf Sizes, 19 Menu Functions Gluten Free White Wheat Rye French and more, 2 Lb, Black

Rating: 4.5/5

  • Three loaf sizes
  • 19 Menu Functions
  • 2 Lb
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Aluminum
  • 60 minutes Keep Warm
  • 15 Hours Delay Timer
  • Black

Elite Gourmet’s sleek, stylish and compact Maxi-Matic is an automatic all-in-one solution for home bakes bread lovers. It can make up to 2lb loaf and comes with three settings to provide various bread loaf sizes starting from 1-lb, 1.5-lb, and 2-lb. The machine lets you control the ingredients and intake according to your diet plan by limiting the preservations and trans-fat, even eliminating the gluten.

The best and most wanted feature in any bread maker is the delay timer. With a 15-Hours delay time and a 60-minutes keep warm feature, you can put inside the ingredients and instruct it when you want it to start working. Even after it starts working, you don’t have to repeatedly check your kitchen because of the free up the oven and save power option. The machine automatically reduces the heat in your kitchen when it senses the need for it.

Buy this machine and get all the kneading, rising, and baking done at home only. The owner is not bound to enjoy bread only, but its 19-programmed menu allows you to bake a variety of doughs including pizza dough, jam, jelly, cake, and even yogurt. Elite Gourmet Programmable Maxi-Matic Bread Maker is a complete package. It includes a non-stick pan for easy cleaning and minimizing the risk of burns, a kneading blade, measuring cups and spoons to measure ingredients, and a metal hook for lifting out the kneading blade.

5. Oster Expressbake Breadmaker– Best Bread Maker Machine

Rating: 4.4/5

  • 2 LB
  • 8 pounds in weight
  • Aluminum
  • 12 x 11 x 11 inches dimension
  • 12 Bread Settings
  • 3 Crust Colour
  • 13 Hours Delay Timer
  • LCD Display

If you are a big family with each member equally loving the taste of fresh and healthy home-baked bread, then Oster Expressbake breadmaker is for you. You can make up to 2.0 pounds of a bread loaf for your whole family in a few simple steps.

Mixing, kneading, rising and baking takes long but not anymore, 650-watt Oster Expressbake breadmaker with its evenly heating pan can serve you and your family healthy and freshly baked bread in just an hour. It has 12 bread settings that include three crust shades, light, medium, dark. This bread maker can make a variety of bread, including jam, jelly, dough, and pasta.

The prominent feature is a 13 Hours baking timer that allows you to serve fresh home-baked bread at your party without any hassle. It may be challenging to clean your house after the party is over, but Oster Expressbake will demand no cleaning hours because of the non-stick aluminum pan and removable lit. The price of this machine includes measuring cups and spoons to measure ingredients.

The top window allows you to have complete knowledge about the current status. If you have a habit of forgetting things and especially a timer to add fruits and nuts, Oster Expressbake is a perfect choice, and its signal will alert you when it’s time to add fruits and nuts. The large LCD and button give you full control over your baking. Oster Expressbake with 40-inch cord length is the perfect choice for a gathering and big families.

6. Moosoo 25-in-1 Bread Machine– Best Budget

MOOSOO 25-in-1 Bread Machine , 2LB Stainless Steel Programmable Bread Maker Machine with Gluten-Free Setting, Bread Making Machine with Nonstick Ceramic Pot & Digital Touch Panel, Accessories Including 3 Kneading Paddles


Rating: 4/5

  • 2LB
  • Stainless Steel
  • Gluten-Free Setting
  • Nonstick Ceramic Pot
  • Digital Touch Panel
  • 3 Kneading Paddles
  • 7 Pounds in Weight
  • 15 Hours Delay Timer
  • 3 Loaf Size
  • 3 Crust Colour
  • 1 Hour Keep Warm
  • 360-degree rotation

Moosoo 25-in-1 is an automatic bread-making machine with various healthy options to make the best bread in a few simple steps. It gives you full control over ingredients and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle with its gluten-free technology. It helps you enjoy the fullest while minimizing your workload to prepare jam, yogurt, whole wheat bread, and sweet bread.

No wonder why it has a 4/5 rating, Moosoo 25-in-1 is super friendly and has easy-to-understand options. The digital touch panel gives you control over settings to get the desired outcome. The 15-hour time delay is the essential feature it holds along with 1 hour automatic keep warm and 10-15 minutes power interruption recovery. It is these features that make Moosoo 25-in-1 the right choice for big families. Its 2 lb large capacity makes it possible for you to bake fresh, healthy, and delicious bread for your family at home with ease and convenience.

What makes it a perfect family fit is the three crust color setting from light to medium and medium to dark. It also has three different settings for the loaf weight starting from 1 lb to 1.5 lb and 2 lb. You can do all of this by merely stuffing the ingredients, choosing the suitable option, and then leaving the rest on the bread maker. If you’re curious to know how the Moosoo 25-in-1 works you can keep an eye on the whole process through a large view window on its head, it is through this window, you can add on ingredients at any time.

The machine contains non-stick ceramic buckets and stainless steel to let you enjoy home-baked bread with your family instead of spending an extra hour cleaning the whole mess. The precision baking technology and 600-watt power allow you to enjoy soft bread full of beautifully textured nutrients. The non-stick ceramic bucket makes it possible for the dough to be dense evenly from inside and outside, making the bread healthier for young people in the house.

Cleaning is not a hassle with this stainless-steel beauty designed to jam along with any kind of kitchen decor. The ceramic coated bread bucket and easily detachable agitator are super convenient to clean and reuse.

Moosoo 25-in-1 is a complete package that includes eight accessories with three kneading paddles, 1 measuring cup and spoon to measure ingredients, one hook to hold the bucket, and gloves to save you from the heat along with 24/7 after-sale customer service. Don’t hesitate to buy this beauty even if you are new to baking, and its recipe book is always there to help you bake something extraordinary to please your loved ones.

7. West Bend Hi-Rise Bread Maker– Best Home Bread

Rating: 4.3/5

  • 12 Programs
  • Horizontal Dual Blade
  • Gluten-Free
  • 3 Pound
  • 120 Volt
  • Plastic
  • 9 Pounds in Weight
  • Gray
  • Recipes

West bend hi-rise bread maker is a stylish machine with many features for bread lovers. It comes with dual kneading blades that make it easy to use to make the big dough using maximum ingredients stuffed inside the machine. The double knead blades also provide dough kneading for a higher rise and lighter taste.

The West bend hi-rise bread maker has 12 digital settings that include basic wheat, sweet, gluten-free, french dough. If you are familiar with bread-making machines, their custom settings will complement your baking skills to the fullest. It gives you the freedom to adjust the settings according to your choice to enjoy an outcome that perfectly suits your demand and need.

The customizable settings also include three crust colors, light, medium, and dark. West bend hi-rise bread maker is a fair-sized machine that does not plan to eat most of your kitchen counter. The manual is given with delicious recipes so you can always surprise people with new recipes. This machine is all set to take off the burden of preparing home-baked bread.

8. Secura Bread Maker Machine– Best Bread Machine

Secura Bread Maker Machine 2.2lb Stainless Steel Toaster Makers 650W Multi-Use Programmable 19 Menu Settings for Home Bakery (Silver)

Rating: 4.5/5

  • 2 lb
  • Stainless Steel
  • 650 Watts
  • 19 Programmable Menu Settings
  • Accessories
  • 3 Loaf Sizes
  • 3 Crust Colours
  • LCD Digital Display
  • 15 Hours Delay Timer
  • 1 Hour keep Warm
  • Dishwasher Save Pan

The Stainless steel coated on a Secura bread maker machine makes it look adorable with any kitchen setting. The machine has 19 preset menu settings that include three loaf sizes (1.1lb, 1.7 lb, 2.2 lb) and three crust colors that give you the freedom to make various pizza dough, jams, cakes, yogurt, and event gluten-free cakes. You can choose what ingredients you want for you and your family to live healthily.

The customizable options make it the right choice for big families with individuals having different bread and dough choices. The 15 hours delay timer and 1 hour automatic keep warm are all you want when there is a party over your house. The LCD digital display with a view window on its head allows you to peek inside the machines to check the current status or enjoy the process of bread making.

The add-in ingredient reminder is a helping hand when you are busy preparing for a movie night at your home. The beep of the Secura bread maker machine will always remind you to add any nuts, fruits, or ingredients during the working cycle through the lid if you want. Don’t worry about the mess. The safe dishwasher pan will not demand hours of cleaning.

There is an electricity disconnection memory and diagnostic error code system to keep you updated about the machine’s health. Suppose there is any problem with the appliance the corresponding error code will pop up on the LCD readout display. The unit would start working again if the power is restored in 15 minutes of power loss after electricity is reconnected. And the timer continues counting down.

Secura bread maker machine comes with a bread pan, stirring blade, hook to hold the pan, measuring cups, and spoons to measure ingredients.

Bread Maker F.A.Q

Is bread machine bread healthier than store-bought?

There is no doubt that home-baked fresh bread fills the house with a beautiful aroma while making your taste buds dance all around your mouth upon mingling with the tasteful bred, but it should not be the only reason motivation to bake bread at home. The store-bought bread contains additives to keep the desire to have it in you along with lots of fatty and health-harming ingredients such as salt.

In this case, the machine bread is healthier than store-bought by all means. You can add what you want to consume to maintain a healthy lifestyle, for instance, you can add nuts, seeds, and herbs to your bread loaf.

Can you use regular flour in a bread machine?

New bread machine users always have plenty of questions regarding the variety of flour they can use in a bread machine to make a perfect bread loaf, the most common is if you can use regular flour in a bread maker or not. Well, the answer to this question is YES! There will be slight differences in texture if you use regular flour or any other type of flour in your bread machine, other than that there will be no difference.

What else can I make in a bread machine?

Many people don’t buy bread makers because they think they have no use other than producing bread which is a wrong concept. If you plan to purchase or already have a bread machine, you don’t limit yourself to just making bread loaves in your bread machine. There can be a variety of things you can bake in your bread machine using those unknown features that rest on your machine’s surface. Starting simple, you can experiment with making a variety of cakes and jam along with scrambled eggs and yogurt.

How do you make homemade bread last longer?

To keep your home-baked bread fresh and last longer you can freeze it. However, freezing will make it stale, the best option is to wrap it with plastic wrap and then freeze it in the refrigerator. Doing this can last homemade bread for almost a month.

Does homemade bread make you fat?

Homemade bread never makes you fat unless you’re consuming a lot more than what is enough because you are the one controlling the ingredients.

What is the best bread machine for home use?

Cuisinart Bread Maker with a capacity of up to 2 lb loaf and three crust colors is the best bread maker for home use. The machine is compact and easy to adjust in a small kitchen. It has a user-friendly automatic digital display. The machine will cost you 108 dollars only.

Is it cheaper to make your bread?

People don’t think carefully about how much of their monthly income goes into buying bread only. Most people believe that bread machines are expensive and have no use. All while forgetting that a bread machine is a one-time investment. That can quickly be recovered in a few weeks or months. A nutritious bread in the market is double the price of equally delicious and healthy bread at home, so yes, home-baked bread is a lot cheaper than a loaf of store bread.

Guide to Buy Best Bread-Maker

There is a wide variety of bread machines available in the market with a big list of functions each can perform. Don’t get confused; instead, look for these must-haves in a bread machine before buying.

How Frequently Will You Bake?

Before digging any further, you must consider if you will be utilizing the bread maker regularly or not. If you are a few people in the house, it is useless to buy a giant, expensive machine with confusing features that you won’t ever use. It’s better to choose a primary machine if you plan to take basic help from it.

Size and Price of the machine

People don’t consider where their machine will rest when not using. They end-up dedicating massive space to a machine in their small kitchen. Big-sized machines are also noisy and heavy to lift, making it difficult for you to move them for cleaning, storing, and reuse. Consider buying a machine that is compact but has all the necessary features. Usually, high-end appliances have all lightweight, silent, and essential elements.

Kneading Blades

What uses a bread-maker have if its kneading blades are not suitable for you. Kneading blades are the essential components of a bread maker and impact the bread’s size and shape. Go for one blade machine only when you don’t expect to prepare a large amount of dough. The reason is one kneading blade machine can only make small and tall loaves. Make sure its kneading blades are removable. Otherwise, the bread will be bead with paddles on, leaving a hole at the bottom of the bread loaf.


Gone is the time when one had to invest hours in the process of bread making. There are plenty of bread machines in the market that allows you to enjoy delicious, fresh, home-baked bread with your family. There are plenty of bread-making machines in the provided list, for you to choose from. If you are a big family, you can consider buying Moosoo 25-in-1 bread machine that can produce up to 2 lb loaf. However, if you like it to be compact and straightforward you can go for Cuisinart Bread Maker. This one can make a 2 lb loaf while being easy to accommodate at an affordable price.

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