The Best Wok PansThe Best Wok Pans

Have you been cooking or stir-frying chicken or Chinese fried rice but don’t achieve that flavorful taste? Get your hands on the best wok pan, which features a stunning design, comes with a practical lid and an ergonomic handle, which allows an easy and comfortable cooking experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Cook your favorite meals like Chinese fried rice, kung pao chicken, chicken Manchurian and much more.

You can choose the best wok pan from the list to indulge in stir-frying, steaming, braising, and deep-frying.

The Best Wok Pans Listed

1. Carbon Steel Wok – Overall Best Wok Pan

Carbon Steel Wok, Stir Fry Pan Flat Bottom Pan, Iron Wok with lid, for Electric Stove, Induction Cooker and Gas Stove(12.5 Inch)


  • This carbon wok pan with a flat bottom comes with an iron material having a lid. It works well for an induction cooker, electric stove, ceramic stove, glass stove top, direct heat sources, plus the gas stove.
  • What’s more about this wok? You can cook all types of delicious foods using various techniques like braising, pan-frying, steaming, boiling, deep-frying, and much more in this best wok pan.
  • This traditional premium carbon steel wok is made from a hand-hammered technique using 1.5mm thickness black carbon steel, which ensures even heat distribution and direct heat up. Moreover, you won’t face any rust issues with this wok as it features nitriding craftsmanship.
  • Fall in love while cooking in this wok as it’s relatively lightweight and thin, weighing around 3 lbs. It is a highly convenient carbon steel wok for all cooktops.
  • It comes with a wooden handle, which makes it easy to stir fry things. Plus, it is attached with three screws making it highly stable.
  • This handle’s ergonomics are so comfortable that it gives a perfect grip feeling without burning your fingers.
  • The fish scale shape design prevents any scratches and reduces food’s stickiness, giving a good punch to your food.
  • What’s more! It comes with a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction refunds or replacement options within 30 days of purchase. Feel free to cook your favorite meals like pasta, kung pao chicken, fried rice, and much more!


Dimensions: 13.39 x 13.31 x 5.43 inches

Item Weight: 5.64 pounds

Color: Black

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Features a thick flat bottom.

Offers enough hardness and surface area.

Features uniform heat distribution.

Provides original taste with complete penetration of flavors.

No rusting.


Some people find it heavy to handle.


2. Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok Pan – Best pre-seasoned


  • This 11.8” traditional style of Chinese Japanese wok and stir fry pan comes with a flat bottom. It is one of the best woks to buy that allows you to indulge in the genuine taste of authentic Chinese flavors or the Asian cuisines you plan on cooking at home.
  • This Yosukata wok is designed in such a way that it locks flavors and juices inside. Moreover, this wok is already pre-seasoned at high temperatures with special techniques, unlike other woks in the market.
  • You’ll love this wok pan’s top-notch quality and material, which features an ergonomically designed wooden handle ensuring a comfortable grip.
  • Besides that, you can stir-fry, prepare healthy meals, and indulge in traditional cooking methods like deep frying, braising, or pan-frying, whatever cooking technique you like.
  • Conveniently carry, store and handle this wok which comes with easy maintenance. Clean the wok immediately once it cools down to prevent any rusting.
  • Avoid using detergent and use a mild soap. Towel dry the wok and add a bit of oil before you store it back.
  • The high-grade carbon steel material in this wok offers rich flavors to tantalize your taste buds without any alterations. The manufacturers already pre-seasoned this wok for you not to have to take the risk of pre-seasoning it wrongly.


Item Dimensions: 22 x 11.8 x 5.4 inches

Item Weight: 3.04 pounds

Color: Black

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Easy stir-fry.

Even heat distribution.

Optimal heat retention.

Comfortable to handle.


It easily rusts if not maintained carefully.


3. Craft Wok Traditional: Best professional wok pan

Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok with Wooden and Steel Helper Handle (14 Inch, Round Bottom) / 731W88


  • This hand-hammered wok pan with carbon steel is worth investing in as it comes with a helper handle of 14 inches with a round bottom.
  • This heavy gauge, commercial-grade carbon steel in 15 gauge, has been proven in quality for several years. This wok is hand-hammered by the Chinese professionals within Guangzhou.
  • It is a superior choice for most cooking professionals. It is heavy and quite sturdy, with around 2.1 kgs. The helper handle is made in steel, which does not burn when you stir fry or cook at high heat.
  • Moreover, you can use this wok for hanging or storage. The wooden handle comes with an exceptional, hygroscopic, tight grip with no slippery surface.
  • Enjoy cooking in the wok similar to the chefs and indulge in a mesmerizing taste which can tantalize the taste buds.
  • A wok pan can be mainly used for stir-frying, but you can also use it for deep frying your favorite foods, prepare soups, sauté vegetables, serve as a smoker, steamer, and much more.
  • This wok is highly suitable for use with open fire. You can also take this wok outside to prepare Chinese dishes that will surprise your friends and family members.


Item Dimensions: 22.52 x 14.02 x 5.98 inches

Item Weight: 4.39 pounds

Color: Steel wok with the wooden handle

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Healthy Material.

Steel helper handle.

Round bottom.


This wok is not suitable for flat induction or flat electric stove.

You need to season it before you use it.


4. Helen’s Asian Kitchen flat bottom wok: Best all-purpose wok pan

Helen's Asian Kitchen Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen Flat Bottom Wok, Carbon Steel with Lid and Stir Fry Spatula, Recipes Included, 14-inch, 4 Piece Set, 14 Inch, Silver/Gray/Natural


  • This flat bottom wok features carbon steel material with a stir fry spatula and a lid. Plus, it comes with recipes and is available in 14-inches.
  • You can enjoy cooking, stir-frying, sauteing, stewing, steaming, frying, deep frying and braising, and much more with stunning Asian recipes and much more.
  • This wok is manufactured using 1.6mm carbon steel, plus it features a heat-resistant bamboo handle, a high-domed lid, and a helper handle, which is sturdy and can be easily hanged for storage.
  • In this wok, the carbon steel material allows even heat distribution, which quickly cooks the food evenly. Even though it’s made from heavy-gauge carbon steel, it’s still lightweight and allows easy lifting during cooking.
  • The cooking surface in this wok collects the natural patina during the months, which then offers a non-stick, intimidating cooking experience.
  • This wok’s flat bottom sits great on all stovetops, whether it’s electric, gas, or induction. It features a high domed lid that retains heat plus prevents any splatter of sauces, curries, or more.
  • Using this wok won’t be a hassle as it’s easy to maintain and easy to season. You need to season the carbon steel, which ensures optimum surface during frying or searing, preventing the wok from rusting.
  • After you season it, make sure to take proper care and clean it without using soap to protect the inner patina. It comes with complete instructions, a 13-inch bamboo spatula, and a lifetime warranty.


Item Dimensions: 19 x 14 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 4.94 pounds

Color: Silver, grey, natural

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Stunning design.

Rugged built.

Smart performance.

Offers speedy conduction of heat.

Offers stability due to a flat bottom surface.


It rusts during cooking.


5. Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel wok: Best hand-crafted wok pan


  • This traditional hand-hammered wok pan comes with a non-stick coating, which you can pass down for generations if you look after them carefully.
  • This wok is manufactured by professionals in Guangdong using a 1.8mm, thick, carbon steel of commercial quality. To make this wok non-stick plus rust protected, you need to season it carefully.
  • During the cooking process, the metal becomes blue, which creates a mesmerizing display in your kitchen while cooking. It comes with a stunning bamboo handle, which also features a hole for easy storage and hanging in the kitchen.
  • The perfect curvature present in this wok offers enough heat circulation during the cooking process making it evenly cooked.
  • Indulge in steaming, boiling, stewing, or deep frying while using this wok too within minutes. Enjoy 100% satisfaction while buying this wok as it also comes with a lifetime limited warranty.
  • It is the best wok pan with a healthy stir-frying option as it lacks any chemical coating and requires less oil compared to the cast iron cookware.
  • Indulge in authentic flavors with this black, beautiful, non-stick patina wok pan, which is versatile and 100% hand-crafted.
  • You also need to read proper instructions while buying this wok as you need to pre-season it before you start cooking. Make sure never to use detergents or abrasives as it’s delicate, and you want to maintain it appropriately for a longer time.


Item Dimensions: 22.5 x 14 x 6 inches

Item Weight: 4.54 pounds

Color: Steel with a brown handle

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Allows easy storage.

Comes in a perfect shape for cooking processes.

Allows healthy stir-frying as it lacks any chemical coating.

Allows you to indulge in authentic flavors.

Offers even distribution of heat.


Requires proper seasoning to avoid rust.


6. Chinese Wok Non-Stick pan: Best nonstick wok pan

Chinese Wok Nonstick Die-casting Aluminum Scratch Resistant 100% PFOA Free Induction Woks And Stir Fry Pans with Glass Lid 12.6Inch,5.9L,5.6lb - Black


  • This best non-stick wok is manufactured using die-cast aluminum, which is 100% PFOA and scratch-resistant. It is an ideal free induction wok plus a stir fry pan that features a glass lid that comes in 12.6 inches diameter and weighs around 5.6 lbs.
  • This Chinese non-stick best wok pan comes with interior and exterior coating that offers high performance to the users allowing you to enjoy cooking with easy to clean pans.
  • What makes it best is that you can cook without using much oil, allowing you to indulge in a healthy diet.
  • It features a durable surface that is green, healthy, smokeless, and offers an ideal non-stick effect. Enjoy chef-style cooking with this environment-friendly wok pan, which can resist high temperatures.
  • Ensure even and fast distribution of heat with this wok pan, which comes with 4mm thickness at the bottom, offering rapid cooking, saving your energy and time.
  • The aluminum body’s 3.5mm thickness allows heat conductance and ensures uniform heat dissipation, preventing hot spots.
  • This Cook lover’s wok comes with an ergonomic Bakelite handle and knows which is heat resistant and comes with a soft silicone touch.
  • Besides that, it comes with a vertical glass lid with steam vents for easy viewing of food. The lid is heat resistant and anti-slip in nature. You can easily use it over the gas top, induction, ceramic, halogen, electric, and solid fuel cookers.


Item Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.6 x 4 inches

Item Weight: 4.64 pounds

Color: Black

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Comes with a non-stick marble coating.

It has a sturdy design.

Highly durable.

Easy to use.

Safe at high temperature.

Offers an excellent grip.


Not big enough.

Does not fit well on a flat cooking surface.


7. Chinese Wok Die-Casting Non-Stick Wok: Best eco-friendly wok pan


  • This wok pan features the best wok material, scratch-resistant, and a spatula and a lid. It’s PFOA-free, plus its dishwasher safe, and comes with an induction bottom. The diameter of this wok is around 12.5 inches.
  • This wok designed by ITSMILLERS is marble design and comes with four layers of non-stick coating, which allows easy stir-frying. Moreover, this wok pan works well to cook several huge meals for families, including less butter and oil.
  • This non-stick pan allows easy cleaning and is environmentally friendly because it does not release any lead or cadmium, which is dangerous for the users. The use of aluminum with a ceramic-titanium interior makes it scratch-resistant and non-stick.
  • This wok pan is made from thick gauge aluminum, allowing even heat distribution and preventing hot spots. You can easily place the flat bottom of this wok on all stovetops, including electric, induction, gas, or ceramic stovetops.
  • This aluminum pan conducts even heat with precise control of temperature throughout the pan. The thick body makes it anti-warping and highly durable.
  • It features a patented Thermo spot technology with a heat conduction base. The wok is designed so that it resists heat and comes with a soft touch, silicone knob. The ergonomic handle of this wok is designed in such a beautiful way with wood color.
  • It comes with a break-resistant, clear glass, which allows a clear monitor of the food. The lid is so tightly sealed that it retains all nutrients and a flavorful taste. It offers an easy to grip knob and handle with anti-scald properties and is safe.


Item Dimensions: 15.04 x 14.02 x 5.12 inches

Item Weight: 6.38 pounds

Color : Black

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Elegant design.


Ergonomic handle design.

Comes with a practical lid.


It needs extra care to make it last longer.


Wok Pan Buying Guide:

Types of Wok Pan

  • Carbon steel It is one of the famous materials used in woks. It heats up fast and allows even heating with complete durability. It is a favorite choice amongst chefs within the industry. If you properly season it, you can reduce the food sticking over the pan. These carbon woks are magnetic and work well with induction ranges.
  • Caste iron Such woks are highly durable, and they are capable of holding high heat for a longer duration. It saves energy. The more you use it, the higher seasoned it will become, making it a non-stick wok pan over a period rather than losing the non-stick property.
  • Stainless steel The best stainless steel wok is highly durable and offers a professional look. Such woks are less porous, and you don’t need to season them for achieving outstanding performance. Moreover, this wok pan is easy to clean and comes with a natural, smooth surface.
  • Non-stick coating With the latest advancement and interest of people to indulge in low-fat cooking, manufacturers have now come up with non-stick coating wok pans. For a non-stick coating wok pan to work well, choose woks made from high-grade aluminum.
  • Hard-anodized aluminum Nonstick coatings are available in forms like PTFE, cutting edge ceramic, or hard-anodized aluminum. The non-stick coatings are delicate and are more prone to flaking and scratches. This wok prevents the metals from any reaction with the acidic foods, thus offering a smooth, hard surface durable and resists corrosion.

How Should You Season a Wok pan?

For seasoning the wok pan, you need to wash it well with hot water and then use a little detergent amount. Now use a pad or stainless-steel spine. For scrubbing the exterior wok, use an abrasive cleaner and a scrubber. Rine the wok and dry it thoroughly.

Now place a wok over high heat. Now move wok, turn it, tilt it till the back and rim till the metal turns into bluish-yellow color. Take the wok away from the stove element. Now turn heat to low-medium.

Add ½ tsp of oil to the inner surface of the wok. Now use a paper towel or a basting brush to rub oil all over the surface. Now again, heat oil over medium-low heat for around 10 minutes. Wipe the excess oil using another paper towel. You’ll find a black residue left over the towel.

Repeat the steps of heating and cleaning with a paper towel till there is no such residue left. Now the wok pan is ready to use.

What’s the Right Size?

Wok pans are available in various sizes ranging from small wok pans to 8-inch versions, which are ideal, especially for singles. Wok pans are also available in an average size of 12-14-inch wok, which fits nicely over the standard stove and feeds around 3-4 people based on their appetites.

Moreover, the wok pans are also available in a 36-inch size, which is quite large and can feed an entire group of people. Toss the food now and stir-fry it according to your requirement.

Ease of Cleaning:

Cleaning is the main thing to consider as it might become a problem for you once you are done cooking. Choose the best wok pan, which allows easy cleaning without excessive scrubbing, washing, or detergents.

Wok Handles:

The wok handles are available in two styles: stick and loop type. Loop handles are mounted on the opposite side of the wok pan, typically found in south china. If a wok pan comes with dual small loop handles, it’s easy to use and made from bare metal. Such woks are commonly used. Loop handles are usually welded, riveted, or extended on wok pans.

On the other hand, stick handles are made from steel and are riveted or welded to the woks. They are a direct extension of the metal on the wok’s basin. Such wok pans are common in north china. Stick handles are made from hollow hammered steel, but plastic, wood, and other materials might also be used for the wok handles.


A perfect wok lid will prevent the juices and hot oil from splattering on the user, plus it also maintains the food hot by heat retention as the heat might escape easily.

The wok lids are available in several shapes, sizes, glass lids, or more and are domed in such a way that they offer enough air circulation with complete moisture-locking capability. To achieve a restaurant-like sheen and immediate cooking, you do need a wok lid.


If you have bought a wok which is not range-friendly, purchase a ring which makes it easy to use. The wok’s round shape makes it unstable, but having a ring underneath prevents wobbling and allows a sturdy cooking experience. Most rings come with holes that allow heat to transfer quickly to the wok walls resulting in increased heat.

The latest stoves come with cast-iron grates, which are sturdy so that you can use the round bottom woks on them. However, for flat-bottomed woks, there is no need to buy a wok ring.

WOK Hei:

Wok Hei means the thermal radiation of wok. It’s the pan’s characteristics that it adopts once it meets certain conditions similar to any personality trait. Wok Hei is the rich blended, smoky, flavorful taste which your food takes over once you stir fry it over high heat with a little bit of oil in the wok pan, which is a well-seasoned patina.

It bears significant importance if we talk about Chinese dishes that need searing over high heat. Attaining elusive wok Hei endeavors is a success, mostly if you prefer Chinese dishes.

Round Bottoms vs. Flat Bottom

The round-bottom woks work well for exceptional stoves, which come with a burner that fits well to the wok’s cradle. This results in creating a hotspot underneath, sending heat to the wok sides, and creating a smooth, stirring motion for tossing the ingredients.

You can indulge in restaurant-style food results with the round-bottomed wok, but you need a customized ring to allow the burner to hold the wok in place. If you don’t want to undergo such hassle, choose a flat-bottomed wok pan that sits directly over any cooktop without making any alterations.

Wok Pan FAQs:

What is the best wok?

The best wok pan is made from carbon steel as it is the most traditional metal, which all cooking enthusiasts love. It’s lightweight, durable, inexpensive, and heats up quickly, plus offers even distribution of heat.

Is it healthy to cook in a wok?

Wok pans are healthier as they retain heat more than the typical frying pans plus, they require less oil due to their shape.

Should a wok have a lid?

A wok pan with a lid retains high heat, allows the retention of moisture, prevents any splattering of oil or ingredients, plus allows the flavors to retain well in the wok pan.

Should a wok be non-stick?

There are several types of wok pans, but the non-stick wok pan allows less oil inclusion. Plus, if cared for properly, it does not rust and allows healthy eating. Moreover, the non-stick wok pans are easy to clean, and they don’t need any pre-seasoning.

What size of wok should I buy?

The size of the wok pan depends on the number of persons you are cooking for. If you are single, then opt for 8” wok pan, for a family of 3-4 persons, opt for 12-14” of wok pan and if you are a party person, then opt for wok pans of 36”.

Are woks worth it?

Woks are super useful and serve well compared to the traditional frying pans, which results in even distribution of heat. Woks are worth it because they have a concave shape plus sloping sides, which results in an even distribution of heat.

Plus, they take less oil. The wok’s shape allows easy tossing of food and only cooking and stirring the wok pan’s ingredients. Other than stir-frying, you can also use a wok pan for boiling, simmering, deep-frying, braising, smoking meat, sauteing, and much more, so it’s worth it.

How heavy is a wok?

The wok pans are available in different sizes ranging from 3.5 to 6 pounds. So, if you need a lightweight wok pan, then do check the weight details.


That being said, all about the wok pans, the best wok to buy is carbon steel wok. It comes with a flat bottom and has a lid. The best part about this wok pan is that it works well on all stove types. You can cook delicious recipes using this wok pan. This carbon steel wok pan heats up immediately and offers even heat without any rusting issues.

Our runner-ups from the list are pre-seasoned carbon steel wok pan and craft wok traditional. Pre-seasoned wok pan comes with a flat bottom, aesthetic design, and locks rich flavors with juices inside your meals. Comfortably grip this wok pan, which is pre-seasoned, so indulge in a flavorful taste. It features commercial-grade carbon steel and comes with a wooden handle that allows you to cook well.

So, indulge in a chef-like cooking experience with the best wok pan and have fun while cooking and eating Chinese dishes.

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