How To Bleach Curtains WhiteHow To Bleach Curtains White

If you like your curtains but don’t want the color, you can use various methods to create the type of shade you want for your curtains. When you hear the word “Bleach,” the first thing that comes to mind is whitening. Bleaching your curtains will take care of stains and other unwanted colors on your curtains. Not every bleaching method can turn your curtains completely white because they’re made with different fabrics and materials. 

You have the option to use a bleach or color remover to create the desired shade for your curtains. There are different products you can use for machine washing and hand washing as well. There are also natural remedies that have been around for generations when it comes to bleaching curtains. Learning how to bleach curtains is really simple, and in this article, we shall take a look at some of the effective ways you can bleach curtains white.

Important Things To Know Before Bleaching Curtains White

  • Check the label of your curtains: For some curtains, it will be mentioned that “No Bleach.” This means you shouldn’t use bleaching products on them. You can use the sun to brighten your curtains in such a situation.
  • Bleach can ruin your curtain fabrics, and hence you have to choose the right bleach suitable for your fabrics.
  • Perform a test on a small spot: Whatever product you choose, you should find a small spot and then test the bleach product to see how it turns before using it on all the curtains. If the reaction is good, you can proceed.
  • You have to use bleaching products with caution: This is especially important if washing your hands. You must wear protective covers on your body, including your hands and face. Don’t splash the bleaching water on any clothing, as it could leave unwanted colors.
  • Don’t use hot water unless it’s directed by the product: this can cause the ingredients to become inactive. Using warm water or cold water is the best way to use bleaching products.
  • It’s better to use handwashing when bleaching curtains white: It can be tiring, but using your hands is the best when it comes to washing curtains. If you want to know how to bleach curtains in the washing machine, then you should use gentle wash without spinning.
  • If you want to preserve some colors on your curtains, bleaching isn’t for you.
  • Understanding how to bleach curtains white isn’t a complicated process as it can be done in simple steps.

Natural Ways To Bleach Curtains White

How To Bleach Curtains White
How To Bleach Curtains White

Using Bicarbonate Of Soda and Marseille Soap

  1. You need 5 spoonfuls of Bicarbonate soda and Marseille soap.
  2. Soak the curtains inside and cover the basin with clingfilm for 2 hours in the sun. This will activate the bleaching process.
  3. You should rinse the curtains and soak them again inside Marseille for another 15 minutes. 
  4. You should wash them and fill the basin with softener and water. Leave them for 5 minutes, then wring them and allow them to dry in the sun.
  5. For how to bleach curtains in washing machine, you should wash without a spin at 40 degrees. Wash with bicarbonate of soda and hydrogen peroxide, Marseille detergent, and a fabric softener.
  6. Then you dry them in the sun.

Using Lemon And Marseille Soap

  1. Lemon is another good natural bleaching agent for bleaching your curtains white.
  2. Prepare a bowl of lukewarm water with Marseille soap and two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda; then add half lemon juice.
  3. Mix the solution and then soak the curtains inside; leave them inside the bowl for 2 hours.
  4. You should rinse them and then soak them in water with a softener for five minutes. You then squeeze and leave them to dry.

Using A Baking Powder And Marseille Soap

  1. This is another simple ingredient you probably have in your household; it’s a good bleaching agent that can whiten your curtains.
  2. You should wash your curtains first by hand or with a washing machine with Marseille soap.
  3. Fill your basin with hot water, add one sachet of baking powder, then soak the curtains and leave them for 2 hours.
  4. You then rinse and add a softener if you want. You should then squeeze and dry.

Using Vinegar And Fabric Softener

  1. Using a fabric softener can help in whitening your curtains.
  2. If you have washed the curtains several times but they still look yellowish, you should use a delicate wash in your washing machine.
  3. You need to add 2 tablespoons of Vinegar and 1 tablespoon of water inside the softener tray.
  4. Then you wash and rinse. Let them dry.

How To Bleach Curtains White With Color Remover

There are many color removers out there for your curtains, and they can work great on cotton, rayon, linen, wool, silk, and ramie. Some of the products will require heating the curtain; you should check the instructions before applying. Most color remover products have non-chlorine bleaching agents that will not damage the fabric, as in the case of chlorine bleach. Here is how color removers typically work for bleaching curtains white;

  1. Wash your curtains with warm water using a mild detergent.
  2. Prepare another steel bowl of water and heat to simmer with a stove.
  3. Add the color remover according to the instructions, and then submerge the curtains inside. Keep a low simmer for about 10 minutes or more until the curtain is bleached to your desire.
  4. Remove the curtains and submerge them in cool water to rinse.
  5. Rewash them in a washing machine or by hand using a mild detergent and then dry them.

How To Bleach Curtains White With Chlorine

  1. Chlorine might be your best option if you’re looking for a strong bleaching agent.
  2. It’s more powerful than Non-chlorine products, so you have to use it carefully.
  3. Prepare a bleach solution with ¼ cup of chlorine per gallon of water in your washing machine.
  4. Add a mild detergent and set regular wash with your washing machine.
  5. Rinse and let your curtains dry.

You may have a question about bleaching curtains white, and we have answers.

Why Do Curtains Go Yellow?

There are many factors that can contribute to the yellowing of curtain fabrics. Curtains go yellow over time when there is debris on them or improper cleanliness. When your kids use their dirty hands on your curtains, they will start to look yellowish over time. Long exposure to sunlight will also make them look pale and dull. Other factors include; oxidation, improper rinsing, bleach, grease, and not using enough detergent when washing.

Will Vinegar Whiten Curtains?

Yes, vinegar is one of the natural ingredients you can use to whiten your curtains. If there are unwanted spots or stains on your curtain, you can use Vinegar to easily clean these spots. Follow the steps mentioned above to whiten your curtain with vinegar.

How Do You Whiten Curtains With Baking Soda And Vinegar?

This is also simple to do, as mentioned previously in this article. You should cold wash the curtains in your washing machine with detergent and ½ cup of baking soda. Then add one cup of vinegar to rinse. You should then dry the curtains and see a good result.

After bleaching your curtains, learn how to keep your curtains together!

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