How To Hang Metal Wall ArtHow To Hang Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art is one of the best investments that can add aesthetic value to your home. It can represent special memories and your lifestyle and also add some love to your home. Metal wall art is beautiful, durable, and long-lasting. If you want to preserve your metal wall art for the long term, you need to learn how to hang it properly. It may seem very simple to hang your metal art crafts, but most homeowners make the mistake of hanging it like any other piece of art.

It’s important to understand that metal wall art is heavier than normal paintings and canvas. The right fittings are needed; you must take accurate measurements, use the right tools, and ensure it’s tightly secured on the wall without any damage. We are going to share important tips that will help you hang your metal wall art piece securely. And if it happens to scratch or damages your metal wall art, learn here how to repaint it.

Tools You Need For Hanging Metal Wall Art

  • A power drill or a screwdriver.
  • Hanging hardware.
  • Stud finder.
  • Weighing scale (it’s optional, though).
  • Level and Pencil.

Prerequisites For Hanging Metal Wall Art

  1. You should know the weight of your metal wall art so that you can choose the right hanging hardware.
  2. Find the right spot on the wall that’s suitable for the wall art; if it’s a large piece, it will look better at the center of the room.
  3. Measure the height from the ground to where you want to hang the wall art with tape. After taking the measurement, you should use a pencil to make a spot.
  4. During installation, you want to use a level that will alight the art with the ground.

Important Notes Before Buying Metal Wall Art

  • Before buying metal wall art, you should buy the perfect piece that is suitable for your room. You must consider size, color, and style when shopping for metal wall art. You need to consider the theme of the room and ensure it won’t go against the style of your interior.
  • Keep your personality in mind during shopping so that you have something in your room that reflects it.

Ways To Hang Metal Wall Art

We can categorize the methods into two; you can choose permanent methods, and you can choose removable methods. Let’s explain them briefly.

Permanent Methods

These methods require using a screw or nail to hang your piece on the wall. They can still be removed, but a repair is needed since they leave a hole or mark on the wall. You need the right tools if you want to use this method; you should get yourself screws, a power drill, anchors, a level, a pencil, and a measuring tape. The materials you’ll need will depend on how you want to hang the metal piece.

Removable Methods

This is the best option if you don’t want to use nails and screws; The method requires using tools like Velcro hanging strips to hang your metal wall art. This way, they can be removed easily, and there is no damage left on the wall. But this method is only ideal for lightweight art pieces. You need to add strips on the wall and then on the art. You can now place the art on both sides of the Velcro stick.

How To Hang Metal Wall Art

Here is a table of different anchors that you can use to hang metal wall art onto the wall.

Wall Anchor Strength Suitable For
Plastic anchors Light duty Hanging small or lightweight objects
Toggle bolts Medium to heavy duty Hanging objects on drywall or plaster
Molly bolts Medium to heavy duty Hanging objects on drywall or plaster
Screw-in anchors Medium to heavy duty Hanging objects on wood or concrete walls
Concrete anchors Heavy duty Hanging objects on concrete walls
Wall plugs Medium to heavy duty Hanging objects on brick or masonry walls

Using Magnetic Hanging Hardware

Find these hangers here

Magnetic hanging hardware can be used to hang both light and heavy metal wall art pieces. They’re capable of supporting up to 26 lbs. They usually come with disc-shaped magnets that have a countersunk hole for easy installation. The magnets aren’t visible, and they will allow your metal wall art to float easily on the wall.

Using Master Magnets

Find these master magnet hangers here

These are similar to the hanging magnets above, but they don’t require any screws on the wall. Master magnets are more suitable for lightweight metal wall art. You just need to peel the backing off the magnet and then stick it to the wall. You have to wait for 24 hours before you hang the metal wall art to the magnets.

Using Velcro Hanging Strips

Find these velcro strips here

Velcro strips also don’t require drilling on the wall. They’re ideal if you don’t want to damage your walls or leave unwanted residue on the wall. They’re sold in different sizes; you need to buy the ones that are suitable for your metal art. If it’s heavy metal art, you should choose the larger ones.

Using Nails

Find these hanging nails here

This is the traditional route for hanging metal wall art, and nails can be used indoors and outdoors. But you can use a nail on tiles since they can end up destroying the whole area. Using a nail is really simple; you just need to spot the area you want to hang the metal art and then hammer the nail onto the wall. Then you can hang the art piece right away.

Using Screws

Find these hanging screws here

Screws are safer to use than nails, but you need to buy tools like a power drill to drill the holes in the wall. Screws are a good option if you have textured surfaces such as stucco. Use the power drill to create the screws on the wall, and then you can hang the metal art.

Using Wreath Hanging Hardware

Find these wreath hangers here

Wreath hangers come with a square hook at one end and a curving loop on the other side. If you want a better result, you need to select an adjustable hanger. Wreath hangers can be used for both heavy and light metal art pieces.

Using Vinyl Siding Hooks

Find these vinyl siding hooks here

This is a great option if you’re hanging the metal wall art piece outside on vinyl. You can use vinyl siding hooks that are non-invasive. They don’t cause any damage to the siding, and they’re easy to install or remove whenever you want.

How To Hang Metal Wall Art Without Using Hooks Or Nails

We have already outlined how to hang metal wall art without hooks and how to hang metal wall art without nails. You have the option to use magnets such as the master magnets we previously talked about. Some magnets do require using screws. You need to use them based on the instructions provided on the label.

Hanging A Metal Wall Art On Drywall

It’s really easy to learn how to hang metal wall art on drywall, and it can be done in simple steps. You should select a strong enough hanger to withstand the metal weight. Locate the studs and measure the location you want to hang the metal wall art. You then secure the screws onto the drywall and hang the metal artwork piece.

Didn’t answer your questions above? Try these answers here.

What Is Metal Wall Art Made Of?

Metal art prints are usually printed on aluminum, and a white base coat is added so that any color added to it will stand out.

How Do You Attach Metal Art To A Wall?

You can choose various methods, but the most common way is by using drills to install bolts and screws onto the wall. You can also use hooks or strips or any other available options that you can afford.

What Kind Of Metal Is Used In Metal Art?

Aluminum is mostly used in meal art pieces.

Can I Make My Own Wall Art?

Yes, even a beginner can create their DIY projects, they’re quick to make, but you need to have the right skills. With simple online tutorials, anyone can learn how to make wall art.


That’s it for this post, and so far, you have learned how to hang metal wall art without nails, how to hang metal wall art on drywall, and how to hang metal wall art with no hooks. If you still need more help on how to hang metal wall art, leave a comment.

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